Nima D T Namchu

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Nima D T Namchu
Sir Nima DT Namchu

I think it was the June of 2011, when I joined Contract Advertising. The office was at Chimes Building, sector-44, Gurgaon. Mentioning the address has a relevance here, as back then it wasn't called Gurugram, except for Contract Advertising. For Contract Advertising Gurugram existed. As it was the place where Guru-Shishya culture existed. And Nima was our "Guru".

And I think that word defines Nima best. "Guru". He embodies every quality of a "Guru". He is dedicated and disciplined. He is sure and strict. He is informed and immaculate. He is wise and intelligent. He is stern and uncompromising. But most importantly he is giving and selfless. And that's what gives him the stature of a Guru.

A few years with him at Contract Advertising, Gurugram for me were like learning at a Gurukul. From the importance of insights in creative ideas to the importance of every word to communicate that idea, were lessons I learnt from this "Guru". It was just a year and a half that I spent with him, but that time is pivotal in my growth as an advertising professional.

Well in case I am making Nima sound too boring, then here is the other side to him that's like a child. A child that likes grapevines and loves single malts. A child who shares his topless singing videos and is always eager to perform in front of any audience. A child with a gifted voice and an equally gifted heart and conscience. And that's one reason I respect him so much. His honesty. Whether he is the "Guru" who corrects even the smallest of mistakes or the child who doesn't think about any mistakes, Nima does everything with absolute honesty.

So, if the title "Sir" is given to men of respect, honour and honesty then I would love to address this "Guru" of many like me, Sir Nima DT Namchu.

Chief Creative Officer
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