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Amit Sharma
Not A Film-maker But A Feel-maker

Amit is a man of heart, of heartbeats, of emotions, of feelings. As a human being as well as a film maker he follows his heart more than he listens to his mind. And that reflects in every film he creates. His films have more feelings less technicalities of film making. His story-telling is more from the heart than from any film-making book. He doesn't like making story-boards and even when he makes, he doesn't necessarily follow them. He rather follows his feelings when he is directing a scene or a shot. That's why I like calling him a feel-maker and not a film-maker.

I must have worked with almost every top ad film-maker of the Indian Advertising Industry but what separates Amit from the rest is his understanding of the masses. He feels the pulse of the people. That is why most of his memorable film campaigns have that pulse ingrained in them. Be it his ''What an Idea Sir Ji' campaign or his 'Google Reunion' masterstroke or the recent 'Make My Trip' campaign, audiences can feel the emotions of his films.

I must have created more than 300-400 Advertising films in my career and must have worked with 25-30 directors, but working with Amit on those 7-8 films of the Amazon IPL 'Chonkpur Cheetahs' Campaign is one of the most unforgettable experiences of my 16 years in Advertising. It was one of the biggest and yet one of the smoothest and fun campaigns I had worked on. And all the credit for that goes to Amit. His energy on the shoot is contagious. He adds moments in the films which can't be discussed, thought of or scripted. But felt at the moment of shooting them. And that's his biggest forte. And most of these moments are the most memorable moments of his films.

The other thing that's really remarkable about him is his passion for work. If he loves the script, he will go out of his way to make it better. He won't think of budgets or financial profitability but how to make the film better, and even better. If he believes a certain story needs to be shot on Mount Everest, he will go to Mount Everest to shoot it. Because that backdrop is needed for the feel of that film. Like I said earlier, he is not a film-maker, he is a feel-maker.

And this is the reason his films touch hearts, and audiences connect with them emotionally. Because his films have emotions, a human pulse, a feel.

He and I share the same personality traits. We both are very emotional. Perhaps he is more emotinal than I am. And that's what makes him so special. That's the reason why he is one of the most favorite film-makers of the industry. Actually my favorite feel-maker. 

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Rohan G Hi. I stumbled upon this article only recently on facebook. Loved it !! I happened to notice the comments as well so thought would share my 2 cents. I am an actor and have been for some time. I have worked with Amit on more than one project. Not to undermine anyone's opinion but I share a different equation with this director. One of the things which are rare to come by in the commercial space is that you are bound by an idea, a script hence there is very little room for experiment. However I saw Amit give me and my co-star the liberty to add our own flavour and experiment with our characters ( something am sure any actor looks for in a project). And so we did. And the whole set seemed so conducive and welcoming that we had a blast. We joked and laughed through the shoot. Which I dont think would be possible if people didnt know what they were doing. I dont belong to the production / direction field but i can make enough sense that you can not pull of any big project without proper attention and know how. Just sharing my thoughts. No offense. Cheers.
23 May 2018 Reply
Flora Bose As an actor essaying various roles I have worked with numerous setups and many highly regarded directors, both Indian and international, over a period spanning more than three decades. The Saregama Carvaan (Bol Baby Bol) Ad was the first time I was working with Amit. I was struck by the energy with which he engaged with his work, his rigorous work ethic, uncluttered mind and utter humility with which he interacted with his cast and crew that is the characteristic of thorough professionals. It was both a pleasure and joy working with him. I wish him the very best.
23 May 2018 Reply
John Daniel That great!
16 Sep 2017 Reply
Rahul K My experience working with him & observing him was quite the contrary. 3 years ago on an ad shoot with him, me a model just started out. His high handedness & arrogance was evident. He treats people like garbage, his actors like movable props & talks down to them. I've heard it's only to people who are his juniors. Never to Arjun Kapoor in the flop film he directed. Never to you as you are from Ogilvy. His set is disorganised because he doesn't plan so his crew is always running helter skelter as they dont know what the next shot will be. Emotional he might be, but sensitive he isn't. A feel maker on film maybe, but surely not in life. Not my kinda guy ! Maybe I just saw him for 2 days, maybe you know him better. But since then every experience of mine has been better. God bless him !
09 Sep 2017 Reply
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Vijay M Amit Sir is a fantastic Director. He allows the actor to improvise but knows exactly what he wants. Chrome Pictures is the most professional production house to work with. The entire team is super helpful and amazingly talented. Not sure what your issue was buddy.
22 May 2018
RITCHIE ROHAN Indeed! Only one month of an opportunity to work under his team on Sprite, Slice and Gillette. But the experience remains till date. Some are lucky, few not so lucky with circumstances to not continue with such an energetic and spirited team. Thank you for sharing this.
08 Sep 2017 Reply


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