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Hemant Misra
A Lot of Learning and a Lot of Laughs

I was a junior writer at Mudra when Hemant used to head the Mudra Delhi and Calcutta offices. I remember one time, in my very first year, I got a chance to work on a promo film for McDonald’s. It was Mudra Delhi’s and Hemant’s most loved account.

When the film was ready, it was presented to Hemant and he didn’t like it at all. Various senior people went into panic mode and started looking at how to fix the film.

But Hemant was very clear that I, the junior writer who had goofed up the film, would travel to Bombay the next day and fix it. No one else, no senior, but me. It was a huge risk for him, but that’s what makes Hemant a great leader.

He invests in people. He has amazing ways of inspiring you and filling you up with confidence. He doesn’t care about designations, but he looks for good ideas and a lot of hunger. Actually, he loves advertising too much to care about where a good idea came from. And when he hears an idea that makes him happy, he reacts spontaneously. Always.

Its great fun to jam with him. And It’s a joy to see him present the work. Because as most people would know, he’s also an active theatre person. He has the most infectious laugh and he could literally fall off the chair laughing, if a joke cracks him up.

Its also an absolute pleasure to argue with him on any problem. He’s one of the sharpest minds in the business. No wonder our clients always wait for and value his advice. Yet if you lose an argument, he never rubs your nose to the ground, and if you win (rarely happens) he’ll gracefully accept that you were right.

But there is a crazy side to this brilliant mind. Hemant is insanely forgetful.
I once called him on a Tuesday to remind him about a meeting that was on Thursday. But hemant insisted that, it was a Wednesday that day, and when I asked him to look at a calender and convinced him it was a Tuesday, he got very upset about where his Tuesday went. He has reported his watch missing, to the cops and has had his house turned upside down for it, when he had safely kept it in his drawer and ofcourse forgotten about it.

I've worked with Hemant for about 10 years, and I’ve never seen him lose his cool. He did lose his moustache once though, all for the love of advertsing! 

Hemant challenged Ashutosh, the then VP in Publicis, that a certain client would only agree to make one film. Ashu told him, “Hemant the client is ready to make a series of six.” Hemant said that if that would ever happen, he’ll shave off his moustache. When we presented the sixth film to the client, Hemant’s moustache was not in the room.

Hemant Misra is a man of his word. And what a wonderful man he is.

Thank you Hemant.

Senior Executive Creative Director
BBDO India
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