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karan singh rawat
Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Years ago at JWT, a young lad joined the creative department. You could not help but notice him as there would always be loud laughter and cheer around him. And he would be leading the pack among this laughter and cheer. One wondered whether this person knew how serious this business was. But upon seeing his work, all doubts would get cleared. His creative work would command attention. The agency would be unanimous in its appreciation. The client would be beaming with joy when we went on to present the work. What’s more? The work would feature at every award forum that it got entered in.

That in a nutshell is my description of Karan Rawat.

Never flustered, never losing his composure. Always finding fun in whatever he’s doing; making the entire process light and easy. A rare characteristic in today’s over-stressed environment. He epitomizes the phrase – “When you make a great campaign, you don’t need to make a great fuss.” His work for Killer Jeans (for over a decade), Reliance Communications, Times of India, Femina and even with his current agency AutumnWinter, brands like LawmanPg3, Integriti Clothing, are only some of the great examples of the kind of magic he can create.

He moved on from JWT to bigger assignments and win greater accolades. He moved out of advertising for some time and studied filmmaking from The New York Film Academy and post that assisted the famous Ramgopal Varma in Sarkar Raj. He has an agency of his own today.

Even though we worked for a short while together, the impact he created on me will last a life-time. He is much more than a colleague; a friend who is ever ready to help. I hope to work with him some day in the future again.

I’m sure Bobby McFerrin had Karan in mind (or at least a similar personality) when he wrote the words -
"In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don't worry, be happy
Don't worry, be happy now. "

May your tribe increase Karan.


Rediffusion Y&R and Everest Brand Solutions
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Shveta Kataria Beautiful articulation of ones persona. If really so, then surely, May the tribe increase.
23 Jun 2017 Reply


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