Babita Baruah

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Babita Baruah
A Leader With A Soul

The marketing and advertising world has many followers and very few genuine leaders. And even rarer are soul leaders. These are who lead by example and who understand that it takes people, passion and principles to create successful organizations.

Babita, is one of the unique leaders who epitomize the fact that one can be hugely successful, truly effective if one leads with the heart. She has seen many ups and downs in her life but has never let that impact or bias her approach. In fact it has made her more determined to be simpler and clearer in the way she manages everything. A true team player, she appreciates and celebrates everyone’s success with an open heart. Making her a popular & sought after leader and a colleague, who motivates peers, seniors, and juniors round the clock. She leads by example every day and has been hugely successful in creating an environment of fabulous professionals who depend and trust in her completely. That is commendable in a world full of unsure & insecure people. She has managed this because in very little time with her simple yet effective approach she has gone about life not as a challenge but as a journey. And raised her bar and achieved milestones way ahead of time. Professionally and personally, she’s balanced both journeys silently and has upped the ante of what one can do if the heart is in the right place.

Babita, do continue to inspire and motivate all of us, and specially the many youngsters who join our profession. And hopefully we will have many more soul leaders who are masterful at marrying the head and the heart and harnessing them both to create world-class organizations.

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Arnav Barman Best wishes to both of you for being an inspiration..
16 Jun 2017 Reply


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