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By Saugata Gupta
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govind pandey
Mind Over Matter

The best term I’d use to describe Govind Pandey will be to call him a deep thinker. He’s far from the quintessential corporate ad makers in that he’s neither the ‘suit type’ nor he’s in the ‘maverick guru’ category. He’s unassuming, he’s perceptive, and though he doesn’t fit the aforementioned descriptions of in the biggies of advertising fraternity, Govind is easily one of the last few great minds of IIM left in the advertising world today. 

The hallmark of being a rainmaker, a great mind with a solid body of work, is to have very strong and sound fundamentals. Govind has all the qualities of being a complete achiever in the field of advertising. Whenever I have interacted with him, I’ve found him having a perspective where he understands both, the client’s and the consumer’s point of view. He believes in growing the brand with its core beliefs and philosophy while integrating his own rich ethics to the brand’s ethos. Here’s someone who has an eye for creating the brands of tomorrow, and more importantly, someone who believes in long term relationships. He is a great partner to us at Marico and I speak on behalf of the entire Marico India Marketing team when I say this. 

While he is professionally associated with us, what makes working with Govind truly special is his quality of being a genuinely warm and a fantastic human being. He is someone with varied – and deeper – life interests. As someone who has known him for a while, I will reiterate that he is an excellent person to know as a friend, a go-to man who will be your sounding board, someone with whom you can have meaningful and enriching conversations albeit over a drab vegetarian lunch.

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Comments (4)
Chintu Pintu (Guest) He resembles so much with Sunil Shetty
07 Sep 2015 Reply
Paresh Prajapati I appreciate Mr. Pandey, with his Name & Frame with work.
04 Sep 2015 Reply
Deepika Yadav (Guest) Its very rare to find an IIM qualified in the advertising industry. Just saying. Nice Piece :)
04 Sep 2015 Reply
Jaideep Avasthi (Guest) I really like these rainmaker pieces as they give you those tad bits about people you don't generally know. Mr. Pandey is in fact a true rainmaker. 
04 Sep 2015 Reply


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