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The Mr. Most Reliable Partner

The amazing success of Law&Kenneth and its continued success as L&K | Saatchi&Saatchi, can be directly placed on the shoulders of the magical people who made the "Impossible Possible".

The one who tops the list for me is Anil Nair, our CEO and our Managing Partner and the first person I recruited when the dream of an agency was still in its formation.

Senior, as he is fondly called, (keeping in mind we have another Magical Anil Nair, we call Junior, for simplicity), called me out of the blue, while I was on a telephone line, with Andy Law on my side, in Sardinia, when we where just about to announce live on  Star News , the launching of St. Luke's, one August evening in 2002.

All I said was, "Anil, switch on your Television, and watch. I am back in India tomorrow, we have work to do".

Anil has been a part of my journey, from the time he began his career in Mudra, back in 1993. We were also in the YMCA during those days, when it was home.

He joined as a trainee, when I was an Account Supervisor.

An avid cricketer, and part of the MRF pace foundation during his college day, he has been a part of my life and a friend for over 25 years.

He practically moved with me to McCann, during the Coke and Fanta days and from there on been one of the few people, I have leaned onto, with absolute faith.

And If there is one person who has had absolute faith in what I was doing, it was Anil Nair. Either it could have been that he thought I made sense or it could have been more to stand by "this idiot, who has no clue of what he is doing, so let me help him get this right".

He has been my strongest pillar of support, and one who has walked with me into the fire, with no questions asked. And it takes a lot of courage to do that. And he has made a many fire-walks with me over the years, and I consider him a Pro.

I always knew Senior was there and have never for once doubted that.

He made sense of all the chaos and madness that I was creating and he was the one person, who would manage to bring the much needed calm and sanity in our creation of L&K.

I have relied on him blindly. He made up for my lack of intelligence in many things. And more so creating a sense of stability as we where running around being named "Pirates of Upper Worli".

My personal journey and adventure at L&K | Saatchi&Saatchi wouldn't have been so extraordinary, with out Anil Nair (and not to forget Anil Junior and Sandy, the other founders besides Senior, who made L&K possible, I will be writing on each of them shortly).

Anil's intelligence, unwavering commitment to the cause of the organisation and most importantly in the life of our clients makes him a rare breed of people in the transactional, job hopping world that we live in.

His loyalty and friendship to me and the organisation, humbles me.

Today, he has done a fantastic task of making me redundant in my own organisation, and that shows his ability to take on the full responsibility, that's been placed on him to drive L&K| Saatchi&Saatchi into the future.

I am also learning to appreciate the sophistication of fine wines under his tutelage, beside trying to become a football lover.

And this is my message to him---"My dear Anil, you are a blessing in my life, and I thank you and I thank God for you. I love you much, but you already know that."

Chairman, Co-Owner & Managing Director
L&K Saatchi & Saatchi
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