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Killing It With Passion

Many may admire Amit as the guy who took his agency (Medulla) to the healthcare agency of the year at CannesLions, merely a year after he left the creative head role at a network agency. Or the fact that he has led his agencies to win campaign of the year award not once but thrice. I too admire Amit for all the amazing work that he is creating at his agencies WYP and Medulla and the accolades that he and his team have garnered. But I admire Amit more for the amazing transition he has made to the world of entrepreneurship and digital, yet keeping his feet firmly grounded in the pursuit of great work. This comes from his immense passion for creativity. Amit is always up for experimenting, trying the new. He has a child-like enthusiasm for creativity.

Putting aside all the glory he has been part of, Amit is an amazing partner. He is interested in honest interactions, he will come build ideas with you, his view is not colored by his ego. At the same time, he is eager to call a spade a spade. As you can see, there is no room for fragility here. Amit has a sharp eye for insights and ideas, he will not let a fresh observation go waste, but he won’t waste any energy on a stale one either. He is quick to identify the sharp ideas and equally quick to kill the dull ones. Working with Amit gives you the joy of building things together – which is one of the greatest joys of creativity.

No write-up on Amit can be complete without discussing the foodie in him. Food is important here, period. Amit is the only person I know who reserves his dessert while ordering the starters – lest it get over by the time dinner is done. When you are with Amit, you hand yourself to his culinary finds. Whether its Panna Cotta at Auberge Provençale da bouttau in Cannes or some animal-part delicacy at Bhatti Village in Goa, Amit knows what Zomato doesn’t.

Before I finish, I want to talk about a quality that’s getting increasingly rare to find in our business – leadership. One of my biggest expectations of an agency leader is his/her ability to put the heart of the agency in the right place. One look at how he is building WYP tells you that he is building an agency with creativity as its soul. I can only wish Amit continued success in his pursuit to create the new language of advertising as he builds his agency with his name on the door.


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