Meenakshi Menon

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Meenakshi Menon
Force Formidable

The force of intent is mightier than any force you would have known.

12 years ago, I came across a woman of grit with a strong intent to build a team that believed in her vision. She looked convincingly courageous with a shine in her eyes. In a world of average, I was looking for spine and here was one; of the strongest steel. Without an ounce of hesitation, I joined the armed forces of Meenakshi Menon - the Force Formidable of the media world who knew her art well enough to live it and pass it on.

Over a decade of working with Meenakshi, I have seen forces at work around her that defy the norm. She has the uncanny ability to analyse data and make it relevant in a surprisingly obvious way. A vision to look beyond and create opportunities out of thin air. When most people would catch up on sleep in an aircraft, MM would seize the opportunity to create value in her co-passenger’s life, no matter what he did. It’s magical to see her transform lives. She would get a 12year old to consider helping around the house as easily as she would get a 100cr marketer to invest in an objective marketing audit.

The ability to challenge the status quo in her own unapologetically disruptive way is what makes her #meenmenon. And thank God for that stance. I cannot imagine performance improvement without disruptors.

It’s been a decade of growing from strength to strength under her mentorship and the MM I’ve known is layers of passion, purpose, hard work and faith. Beneath the steely armour is an environmentalist who has silently been taking on legislation to save our soil ( is one of her many ventures) A professional scuba-diver with 100+ dives to her credit; an organic farmer with detailed knowledge about flora and fauna; an amazing mom, a mentor to our kids and a life-enthusiast who knows how to set the dance-floor on fire (ask the bouncers of Hard Rock Café).

No matter where I went, I met someone whose life she had touched in a way only they could capture. This effect is slowly forming its own ripples towards a much larger cause of women’s nutrition in the new phase of her life.

The most apt reflection of this rainmaker’s spirit is her statement at the recently held Impact Awards 2017 event. She featured once again amongst the top 50 women in power. While receiving the award, MM urged the committee to stop repeating old winners each year and give an opportunity to newer younger talent. “Let us be, let the younger guys enjoy the glory.”

To a woman who hits the ground running each day with the sole purpose of questioning the unnecessary; there is only one thing to say for her kind of a storm: “Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.”  -- Vladimir Nabokov 

Head of Brand Partnerships & Content Integration
Discovery Communications
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Sandeep Vij Force Formidable she is. In my list, Meenakshi Menon is amongst the few people who has helped shape and build the Industry. Extremely well written piece Geetanjali. Salaam.
05 May 2017 Reply
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Geetanjali Bhattacharji Glad you enjoyed it Sandeep. It was a pleasure penning down a journey of 12 years.
11 May 2017


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