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Prakash Varma
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I first met Varma years ago when I was putting together a creative workshop for Ogilvy South Asia. I did video interviews of ad film directors to present at the workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka. One of the things Varma said has stayed with me. "Every film I make must be good enough to go on my showreel -- as is -- I never do a director's cut." It is this honest dedication to his craft that set him apart right from the beginning. Varma brought a new aesthetic level to Indian advertising. And he has been pushing that standard upwards ever since. When you go to him with a script, he identifies the essence of the idea and expresses it through visuals of breathtaking beauty and simplicity.

Most recently, I worked with Varma on the Diu campaign. I think he helped the nation see the place with new eyes. Ultimately, that is what defines a great filmmaker for me -- someone who makes us look at our world with new eyes.


Executive Creative Director - South Asia
Comments (4)
Shefali John (Guest) I love most of the ads by Nirvana films ! Specially the Zoozoos :D
02 Sep 2015 Reply
Prithi Swamy (Guest) It is an amazing read... one is 'one of the best' creative minds in the advertising industry and the other is one of the best film directors in TV ad films.
01 Sep 2015 Reply
Deepak Sapra (Guest) "Every film I make must be good enough to go on my showreel"- He has kept his word for long. His work is absolutely splendid. 
01 Sep 2015 Reply
Surabhi Dhyani (Guest) Viewing the world in a different light is easy but to make others view it the way you do requires creative genius and Mr Varma is certainly one. 
01 Sep 2015 Reply


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