Abraham Thomas

By Apurva Purohit
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Abraham Thomas
The Man With A King Size Persona

When Abraham Thomas (Abe) walks into the room you know a significant someone has entered. While he may do nothing to draw attention to himself, the aura he carries within himself not excluding his physical presence and deep voice, create an impression that here comes someone one better pay attention to!

By parts solemn, by parts wanting to do the next ‘hatke’ thing and have some fun, Abe is a delight to know and work with. I have known him across his various avatars, as aggressive sales head, as cool TV persona, as a radio compatriot and as digital entrepreneur. Through all these facets of Abe, what comes through, is his shining honesty and genuine - ness, his passion for brand building and commitment to constantly learn, change and evolve.

Whether it is in getting into the minutia of creating an in-house a/v or ideating on a brand property for a client or eating everything that is available on the menu of the neighborhood malvani fish joint or even designing office décor, Abe knows how to do things with style, passion and a larger than life vision.

Living life king size, that’s the spirit of Abe!

President, Jagran Group
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