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The Opportunizer Is God

We just outed new work on Jaago Re, and it brought to the fore some latent thoughts.

The Opportunizer is God.

The best creative people have always been opportunists. They have always been celebrated, idolized, mytholized. Balki is a myth. Piyush is a myth. Mohammed, Chris, Bill, the Davids, all myths.

The creator of the myth is a bit lost. At least in our world. Underappreciated, undercelebrated, underacknowledged even. One metal ‘advertizer of the yea r’ is all that we reluctantly give out.

What I have seen time and again is that the best work without a buyer is dead. Yes we all know this, what I want to suggest is the opportunizer, a great client is actually the most deserving of the kudos. This is the fellow that with some random trigger that is either directional or emotional has fuelled the thinking, and when you’ve gone back has been your first audience and also your first jury.

These greats are drowned in the appreciative nods and applause that follow a great piece of work. We fool ourselves as to our own status, a tiny industry with hundreds of awards. And history dissolves into it the guys who in boardrooms did the hardest job of all. Of willing you, being patient with you, catching the ball you threw (letting those that were useless fall, to your great disappointment) and many times simply representing you, being your advocate, believer and financier.

Credits: Some of the many people without whose contribution this piece would not have been possible – Rajiv Bajaj, Sushant Dash, Manish Dubey, Vijay Narayanan, Samir Singh, Sumeet Narang, Shikha Sharma, Kartik Chandrashekhar, Amarjit Singh Batra, Vikram Grover, Rahul Sharma, Sudhanshu Vats, Arvind Vohra, Sandeep Menon, Ravi Ruia,

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer
Mullen Lintas
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