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By Sudip Ghose
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Nirmalya Sen
Driven by creativity

Advertising, they say, is a creative profession. Yet, in reality, a successful campaign is much more than just the creative alone. Strategy, planning, and most importantly, understanding the client’s operation plays an important role in making a great campaign. As a client, one of the challenges faced is to download the brief from the strategic point of view.

This is where someone like Nirmalya steps in and plays a huge role. His ability to understand the big picture, and then blending it with the creative, helps clients immensely. In the past, I have had the pleasure of launching a brand with him. I have experienced how his strategic inputs impact sales positively. His biggest strength, according to me, is his understanding of the consumer. With his creativity and understanding of the consumer, what Nirmalya delivers, thus, is great insight and tremendous inputs for the creative that’s bound to excel. I have always believed, a great creative is a result of meaningful brief. With Nirmalya, you are assured of getting a great one.


Vice President - Marketing
VIP Industries
Comments (6)
Payal Agnihotri (Guest) Nirmalya Sen has a very good understanding of his clients. 
09 Mar 2016 Reply
Kartik Sankar (Guest) Nirmalya's profound focus on getting insights into consumer behaviour and preferences is incredible. I had the privilege of engaging in a few such discussion with him in the past and each has been no less a learning session for me.
19 Aug 2015 Reply
Bhavna Mishra (Guest) All those who achieve excellence do so by bringing their unique contributions to the table and Mr. Sen is no different. He is good with understanding things and people.
19 Aug 2015 Reply
Tia Sain (Guest) His creativity is next level.
18 Aug 2015 Reply
Mona Sinha (Guest) While working with Nirmalya, you kow that your brand is in good hands and hence, you can just sit back, relax, and let the expert do his work. 
18 Aug 2015 Reply
Nikunj Ahuja (Guest) Nirmalya indeed puts the client first and understands their needs so that at the end they are assured that the results would be good. 
18 Aug 2015 Reply


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