Aditya R Kanthy

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Aditya R Kanthy
Boss, Mentor, Friend

I first heard of Kanthy in 2008 at MICA. It was placement season and that morning as we tried to look a little less like hedgehogs, Mudra made a surprise visit on day zero. The Mudra summer interns nodded wisely and said in awe, “Kanthy’s come. He’s sharp, very sharp.”

Dead set against joining Mudra after MICA, because I thought it would be too easy, Aditya’s presentation raised the bar for me. He inspired respect not only for the agency’s work but also the people who made it happen. I was excited about joining the agency and working on his team.

Over the years, Aditya continued to raise the bar, always pushing me to do more, see more, capture more. A mentor like no other, he helped me shape my strategic thinking and push for authenticity. He urged us all to get to the heart of the problem, to simplify. He taught us to set up the argument as a springboard to the creative solution. The discipline of writing a creative brief was inculcated in us, to distil the thinking down to its clearest form.

A champion of effective creativity at the Group, Kanthy is fiercely protective about his planners and their role. He has fostered a planning culture that is sharp (there’s that word again), agile and rooted. His ability to pick the right people and focus on diversity has created a well-rounded team that can deliver on client expectations and unearth gems from the field.

Despite the equanimity Aditya has his quirks – the fondness for ‘adark chai, cheeni alag se’, the unexplained passion for the popular Bollywood ditty, and bowling like Fred Flintstone. This man also has an unprecedented love for systems, processes and clean, minimal desktops with icons arranged in neat rows.

Aditya has been a rock for me and many others - around him we have dropped anchors. He has this innate ability to make mountains appear scalable and create opportunities where none exist. I have worked from home while following a spouse around the country, at a time when an off-location planner was unheard of. In an industry that thrives on face-to-face interactions, he is a harbinger of change.

Kanthy’s enthusiasm is infectious, his curiosity is matched only by his acumen, his smile is beguiling and his powers of persuasion are legendary. I have learnt the hard way that if he happens to ask, “What’s the story?” one better have done the spadework. 

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Neha Srivastava Ahhh..."What's the story?" I remember skipping several beats in a single moment whenever he'd ask that question! Perhaps more because I hardly got much time at the agency. None-the-less, one of the best and most immaculate, perfect bosses ever! (except when he called for early morning, before office meeting!)
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