Madan Bahal

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Humble Beginnings

Imagine being born and raised in a fishing village on the outskirts of Mumbai, working at a grocery shop as part of your unselfconscious upbringing.

Imagine working harder than most others in your field, but working harder for only three key stakeholders, excluding yourself.

Imagine ending up becoming the confidant to MDs, CEOs, Founders and Presidents of the Top 100 corporates in India.

Imagine the by-products: India’s largest PR agency by revenue and by number of national and international awards plus an eco-system of start-ups nurtured and made relevant to global audiences.

This is the true story of Madan Bahal, Co-founder and Managing Director of the Adfactors Group.

In his interview he explains the role of Adfactors PR, the last significant independent Indian organisation in the marcom space, as India rediscovers itself.

Now imagine his goal of US $ 100 million in revenue!

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