Ashish Khazanchi

By Anil Kulkarni
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Ashish khazanchi
Brand Harmony

Ashish Khazanchi has a terrific sense of rhythm and balance. His presentation of scripts is like an orchestra – one where music, action and script blend into one smooth overture. His view of the consumer is nuanced and he is able to get a fine balance between the insight of the brand and its creative execution really well. He is relentless in his pursuit of getting the overall look of the brand just right.

The Park Avenue Face Wash ad illustrates the aforementioned point well. I remember how he pushed himself and his team to keep costs down without compromising on the quality of the brand. This was also true of our Park Avenue beer shampoo ads, for which Ashish created the online campaign.

He is humble enough to see a different point of view and move in that direction. If he feels something is not going right, he will stop what he is doing, run his hand over his clean shaven pate and come up with two other equally good ideas and proceed to present them like it was an orchestra.

Business Director
JK Helene Curtis, Raymond Group
Comments (4)
Tia Sain (Guest) He is an all rounder.
17 Aug 2015 Reply
Vikas Arora (Guest) Its no wonder he was rated one of the top twenty creative people by brand equity. He is fabulous. 
14 Aug 2015 Reply
Ishaan Mukherjee (Guest) Another good one :)
14 Aug 2015 Reply
Tia Sain (Guest) He is gem of a person.
14 Aug 2015 Reply


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