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What Is A Rainmaker?

Year 2007

A classical bollywood shot of a small town lad getting out of a train at Mumbai Central Railway station. That’s me.

Cut to, he finds a guy who introduces him to the ‘Mumbai Ad World’. That’s him.

I say, ‘Mumbai ad-world’ because there is an advertising industry operating in other parts of the country too. And by that I don’t mean the industry in Delhi, Bangalore or Kolkata. I mean regional advertising. Advertising by dealers and not by the brands. I started off there and worked in that industry for almost 4 years. But when I came to Mumbai (then Bombay) I was back to square one. 

I was treated as a beginner. I was afraid. I was confused. 

But the real problem wasn’t work, it was culture (culture shock to be precise).

I couldn’t understand why people here say the word ‘F**K’ in almost every sentence (And what the F**K does the word-F**K mean?). I couldn’t understand why they play music so loud the whole day. 

And I couldn’t understand why they call me a ‘Hindi Copywriter’. Because till now I have learnt that a ‘copywriter’ is a ‘copywriter’, as idea has no language. But here I was being called a ‘Hindi Copywriter’ and was given translation work. 

When I was in the mid of all this (for me chaos), and in an absolute confused state of mind (almost decided to go back), the Rainmaker came. He was the only guy in the agency who spoke with me in Hindi. Who speaks ‘Bharat’ not India. Who talks ideas and not language. Who doesn’t make you feel that you are a Jr. writer and he is an ECD.

Whenever I conversed with him, I felt a sense of confidence, belonging and comfort. He taught me the processes, the functioning of a big agency and of course the real advertising. He was my battery who kept me going and he was my force to produce good work.

His ability to break briefs into the simplest possible form and then come up with a real workable yet creative solution, is what amazed me. He made advertising look so damn easy! He is a dream boss to anybody as he pushes his boys to hog the limelight (even on his work) on the stage, while he is happy clapping for them, standing in some dark corner. He made my struggle less painful and helped me settle down in this small but bad world of advertising.

That was in the year 2007 at Rediffusion DY&R, Mumbai. 

Year 2015

The shot opens in a cabin with a Mumbai advertising ECD, now seasoned, sitting in deep thoughts. He has learnt most of the tricks of the trade and says F**K in almost all the sentences. Though he still doesn’t play music loud and now has no confusion regarding the word ‘Hindi Copywriter’. 

He is now frustrated with doing the same kind of work everyday, but still in double mind about joining full time direction. That’s me.

Cut to, he is offered the job of a writer in Rediffusion YR Mumbai, with an assurance that he can pursue direction along with it. The offer was by him. 

The Rainmaker came back.

It was a huge moment for me. The guy has seen me as a junior and now he is offering me the role which he used to play in the same company. It needs humility, modesty and genuineness to accept the growth of your juniors and not only offer them a role as per their current capabilities but also allow them to pursue their passion.

It needs a big heart, and he surely has one.

So, I was back to advertising with the freedom to follow my direction. It was the same me, the same company, the same place and the same guy playing  ‘Rainmaker’ the second time in my life.

So, What is a Rainmaker?

Rainmaker- definition in a dictionary; One who is believed to be capable of producing rain, as through magical or ritual actions.

Rainmaker- definition by Life; One who may or may not produce rain to wet the whole city but surely produces a single drop for a thirsty mouth. 

He is a Rainmaker. 

That’s Rahul Jauhari for me.

Executive Creative Director
Rediffusion YR
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