Praveen Kenneth

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Praveen Kenneth
A Modern Day Arjuna

Thank you Kulzy, for giving me this opportunity to introduce Praveen Kenneth to your world. Most of you know him already, but just that, ‘I know him so well’.

It was in the year 1990 that this young boy joined Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore as a trainee. He strutted around with a spring in his step and a smile that conquered every heart. He made everyone feel special; the security guard, the waiters, the receptionist, the big boys in big cabins and all us young executives who sat in a row. He went through the day doing menial jobs diligently. But he had a dream. Like many young boys he wanted a big car and a big office. He was certain that one day he would become a big man and make his mother proud, very proud.

PK, as he is popularly called, fueled that dream every single day. He pursued it relentlessly. He did not acknowledge anything as an obstacle simply because he never took his eyes off the goal. No wonder now Wikipedia introduces him as an Indian entrepreneur, co-owner, Chairman & Managing Director of Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi!

I admire him for his supreme confidence, his honesty, his wisdom, his beautiful heart, his charm, his ability to explore and take risks and above all his ability to spread joy and laughter.

PK, here’s wishing you the very best life has to offer.

And yes, I am waiting for that piece of island!

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