Josy Paul

By Arunabh Kumar
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Josy Paul
Inspiring Inventiveness

Josy Paul is a man who has always been courageous with words and thoughts. You might think he’s someone wearing one typical hat, quite literally, but essentially he is someone who wears many. The whole idea of trying to be on the risqué edge of creativity within the confines of demand is the toughest but Josy has been able to do that. Taking a different route from conventional advertising, it’s no surprise he’s won more awards at Cannes and Spikes Asia than any other creative in India. So, every time Cannes comes up with its ‘lion’ in a new material – be it iron or glass –we know Josy will be lifting it. In my view, he is a creative Goliath with a heart of David.


Founder & Group CEO, The Viral Fever & TVF Media Labs
Comments (13)
Nayantara Mitra (Guest) Mr. Paul, you have some of the best work I've seen in the ad world. Great job, sir!
08 Jan 2016 Reply
Anita Shishodia (Guest) Being risque with creativity. It can be seen in Mr. Paul's work. He doesn't mind pushing the boundary, but still manages not to cross a line. 
07 Jan 2016 Reply
Meera Rajesh (Guest) Creative Goliath with a heart of David. That's a perfect description of Josy Paul
06 Jan 2016 Reply
Shubham Dutta (Guest) A man of many facets.. Josy is one of those indeed.
05 Jan 2016 Reply
Vangmayi Narayan (Guest) A man of many hats indeed!! 
02 Aug 2015 Reply
Stuti Deshpandey (Guest) He inspires creativity wherever he goes and is humble at all times. It is one of the more beautiful combinations to be found in people. 
01 Aug 2015 Reply
Veeran Mallik (Guest) This man epitomises a creative thinker who has the advantage of being an incredible story teller. Cheers  to Josy.
22 Jul 2015 Reply
Sandeep Vij And BBDO has managed to live the acts not ads philosophy
12 Jul 2015 Reply
Rahul Kansal I love Josy's central philosophy with respect to marketing communications - 'acts not ads'
11 Jul 2015 Reply
Komal (Guest) I remember attending a guest-lecture by him in college, not knowing who he was (back then). Even the lecture was very different from our usual ones and the man definitely has a heart of David. He is full of knowledge and creativity without an iota of arrogance.
10 Jul 2015 Reply
N Raamprasad (alias) Ramasubramaniyan) Josy is just amazing!
09 Jul 2015 Reply
Tanya Saluja (Guest) Wow.. I think advertising industry needs people like you..
09 Jul 2015 Reply
Stuti Singh (Guest) Inspiring words...I am sure working with him must have been remarkable. 
09 Jul 2015 Reply


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