In Conversation With Neha Tulsian, Founder, NH1 Design

By Neha Tulsian
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Neha Tulsian (Founder, NH1 Design)


What is NH1 Design really really good at?

We like telling stories. We like to believe that rather than working on projects, we work with people. And we’re still figuring out what we’re really really good at!
NH1 is just a year old, yet has won numerous accolades. What is the key behind this success?
Call it beginner’s luck –we’ve been extremely lucky with the exciting projects we’ve worked on, people we’ve worked with and problems we’ve been able to solve in this one year. So there has been a fair amount of good luck and an enormous amount of hard work backed by a great team.
Work titled 'The Birthplace' has drawn a lot of attention for the company. What was the idea behind this work?
A Sperm –  Seriously! It is from a single sperm that a living being starts to grow inside a womb. On close inspection of the identity for The Birthplace, you can see the womb, the umbilical cord and the different stages of the growing life.
NH1's work in real estate is remarkable. Will it be focusing on this category and carve a niche in it?
Our projects in the real estate space have undoubtedly been exciting. I’m not sure about creating a niche though. We are a young company and would like to explore projects that are as diverse as they are challenging!
A young company in the market, NH1 design has done well. What does it need to be better at?
Negotiating and learning how to stay young, curious and always willing to take on a challenge.   
NH1 Design
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prashant sharma (Guest) Amazing Work . 
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anjali krishnan (Guest) an agency so young. has done such brilliant work! Sounds Crazy for a start-up. Inspiring
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Amit Goyla i like few pieces work. beautiful designs!
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