In Conversation With Agnello Dias, Chairman & Co-Founder, Taproot

By Agnello Dias
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You are credited with being uncompromising about each piece of work that leaves the Agency… So how are you managing this with Taproot’s exponential growth?

With greater creative empowerment comes greater responsibility. At taproot, the inclination has always been to do what is right by the brand.... first and foremost. Sometimes it may bring great creative that our personal fancies identify with and sometimes it may not. But if it is RIGHT by what the need of the hour is and the needle is moving on that - which btw we monitor strenuously and rigorously, then we believe we are on the right path. And it is our duty to stay on that path... to use our skills, our craft and our talent to meet what is set out for us, because it is that task  that has money risked on us even before we have put pen to paper.

Most Agencies worry when Taproot is part of the competition in a pitch… So what worries Taproot?

I honestly, don't think it is true that most agencies worry when Taproot is part of the pitch. There are plenty of creative people and agencies that as talented and hardworking as taproot is. We are all equal in a pitch competition and we worry equally about other agencies as well but most importantly we worry about what the task for the assignment is.

Taproot has grown rather quickly.. do you feel that rapid growth has eroded the basic culture that you’ll have built?

Sachin Tendulkar's career is a good analogy here. With growth comes expectation and with expectation comes responsibility to deliver.  To end the race effectively rather than only start it spectacularly. The basic culture of taproot is the same except it now carries  the demands of expectation and reliability... not just performance but results as well. Because many people have worked very, very hard to earn the money that is being punted on our creative integrity. A tree doesn't keep growing taller for ever, at some point it stops growing taller and starts spreading its branches wider... if it just kept growing taller alone it will not stay upright for long.

Paddy & you have been partners for a long time.. What makes this magic last?

We try to keep things normal. We are both pragmatic. We have different tastes but taking each day at a time rather than look at the big picture is perhaps what helps us. One day at a time, we just break it up.

So what’s changed with Dentsu coming in.. & what hasn’t changed?

Nothing much as far as work goes, there is greater responsibility towards a network that has trusted their hard-earned equity with us and we are cognizant of that fact.

Taproot is undoubtedly the most sought after agency in India. Does the expectation bother you?

It does not bother me because I do not think that taproot is the most sought after agency in India. We are in the consideration set quite often, nothing more than that. We work hard like any other agency, sometimes it is work that's effective, sometimes it is work that is creative, sometime it is both. It's more or less like riding a bicycle, you're always tilting one way or the other but at the end of the journey the general idea is to stay upright without keeling over too many times..

So what are plans for Taproot? Taproot Asia? Taproot India Group? Taproot the Shiny Boutique or Taproot the core ideator to keep Dentsu India flying?

If you don't plan for anything, you're ready for everything.

                        1. Boss | Airtel                                                                     2. Kimono | 7 Up


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                                                                 3. Family | Disney Channel


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 4. Dumb Walls | Dulux Velvet Touch                                              5. Sada Sexy Raho | Set Wet


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Chairman & Co-Founder
Varun Pandya "If you don't plan for anything, you're ready for everything"... WOWwwwwwwwwww
28 Sep 2016 Reply
Geetanjali Chawla (Guest) You are being modest when you say that other agencies do not worry when Taproot is in the race. :) Modesty thy name is Aggie. 
12 Feb 2016 Reply
Prem Chaturvedi (Guest) If you don't plan for anything, you're ready for everything.- Good motto to live by.
11 Feb 2016 Reply
Manjiri Singh (Guest) One day at a time. It will make sure that everything you do today will be the best you can do. Keep up the good work.
10 Feb 2016 Reply
Debosmita Paul (Guest) Taproot is indeed a "sought after" agency because of their work ethic and also because of the two brilliant people running it.
09 Feb 2016 Reply
Palak Ahuja (Guest) I like the fact that Taproot believes in Carpe Diem. Keep up the good work.
09 Feb 2016 Reply