In Conversation With Sushmendra Dubey, Photographer, Dubs Photography

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Sushmendra Dubey (Dubs), Photographer, Dubs Photography

Well Dubs, tell us a little about your career so far – from Delhi College of Art, to advertising to photography?

College of art to advertising to photography has been a smooth transition in terms of 'will' but yes, with its own sets of challenges. There wasn’t a single day when I was seen without my camera in my hand. I used to go trekking in search of capturing the magic of light on the subject- be it barren or lush landscapes or the beauty of the human face.

After college, I took to advertising with a passionate zeal working on major brands like Nescafe, Milkmaid, JK Tyres, Whirlpool, Hero Honda, British Airways, Panasonic, I got to work with the best brands and faces  in the industry. But there was a niggling feeling at the back of my mind, as if something was missing. In the quest, I realised that my first love for photography had been relegated to the background. And in the spur of the moment I took the decision that it was photography I wanted to spend my life with. Each day I look forward to jumping out of bed to greet the new day and the new assignments.

I have been shooting for  Nikon, Hyundai, Yamaha, Toshiba, Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Ford, Boeing, SpiceJet, Subway, Pizza Hut, Maaza, Nestle,DA Milano Italia, W, Reebok, Dabur etc.


                                                               Hyundai                                                                 Whirlpool

Was it difficult to go solo especially after working in a large organization like FCB ULKA?

I would say that difficulty lies more in the mind. Yes at times it did seem overwhelming initially to be responsible for each and every aspect of the assignment and working  with new and varied faces. But soon I realised that these interactions are so much fun. And yes, by now I know the ropes and manage everything smoothly and effortlessly. I guess I was meant to go solo.

You've shot with celebs like Ajay Devgn and Kajol. What are the challenges in shooting with such stars?

To relate to someone from the heart is what brings out the best pictures. To see someone larger than life as a human, accepting their foibles and working around them would be a challenge that one would face with any star. And also the paucity of the time frame that stars give can be viewed as a challenge. Personally working with stars (Priyanka Chopra, Ajay Devgun, Kajol, Kiron Kher and cricketers like Dhoni, Brett Lee, Cameron White, Dale Steyn, Kumar Sangakkara , Mahela Jayawardene, Gautam Gambhir, Irfan Pathan, Shikhar Dhawan , Suresh Raina) has been a wonderful experience. They have been most cooperative and luckily, I haven’t had to face any star tantrums as yet!!!

Hero Honda

It is said that every fashion photographer has his forte - like lighting, or composition, or the ability to capture spontaneity, or an eye for detail. What would you say is yours?

The First and the most important is body language or comfort of the subject, I do EXTRA efforts in this area to make my picture LIVE.

And definitely lighting. I love using natural lights on my subjects. Left to me, it would be my first preference.

Creatives in advertising are divided about the significance of awards in their lives. Is it true for photographers too? Is there any award that you have your eye on?

Awards play an important part. They are recognition of ones talents and bestow respect on ones efforts and creativity.
One's work is not subject to the validation of an award though, the thrill of receiving one is also unsurpassed.
I'm looking forward to the advent of awards in the span of my professional career.

Any words of advice for fresh graduates from your alma mater.

I feel Photography is not technical. It is more about the Art of how you see things and freeze the story in one frame. Anyone can click and become a photographer by enjoying the process. Photography is more of a life experience.

So what's next for you Dubs?

To work on much larger platforms on an international scale is my dream and my clear target. I also want to work further on social category so that my photography makes an impact on the happiness quotient of the society by conveying uplifting messages.

Some Of His Work


                                                                                                    Da Milano Italia 


                                                  Numero Uno                                                                     W For Woman

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Sangeeta Bora Not only a good photographer you are bt also a very great humble fun loving generous human being & a darn good friend who forever rules our heart.....
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Dubs Sushmendra dubey Sangeeta Bora thanks a lot, its really wonderful to see your kind words :D wow!
23 Jul 2018
Rajat Arora Indeed It was fun working with Dubs...Cheers
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Dubs Sushmendra dubey Big thanks to you Rajat, You made my day.
23 Jul 2018
Arun Kumar Madhan (Guest) I am happy that i spent my childhood with you and today i tel very proudly to everyone about it. SO happy to see your interview here and wish you all the best for all your wishes to come true. 
26 Apr 2015 Reply
Manya Mahajan Chhabra Finally good to see you interview (y)
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SM (Guest) Dubey, it feels great to see you scale such heights. keep snapping. 
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MD (Guest) U r truly a gifted Artist..! God Bless..!
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seema (Guest) Dubs photography that captures the life of a moment! Giving an art and a story to the characters which brings out the beauty so naturally! most beautiful is to photograph the concepts and moods of life depicting real colours. ð
03 Apr 2015 Reply
Munirajgera (Guest) OMG!That at your young age you should know so much of life and human foibles is a matter of pleasant surprise.But then we have been taking a few things for granted.First it was your goodness,now it is your talent,Carry on with your enterprise.Muniraj
02 Apr 2015 Reply
neeru (Guest) Well said Dubs And excellent pictures. 
02 Apr 2015 Reply
Sushma (Guest) Photography is a thinking often depicted on a sheet, which changes the thinking aspect if closely imagined and understood.. Dubs photography helps us the same... 
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Gokul (Guest) What a transaction from adverting to photography.. But I think creativity lies within.. Very inspirational I must say..
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Twinkle (Guest) wish you all the v best.. may your all dreams come true.
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Suneel (Guest) Wow Dubs! Keep up the good workð
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shantanu (Guest) really photography is a new way of realizing things, and best  you said  is anyone can become photographer...and fortunately industry needs more and more people like you 
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Soni (Guest) All the very best  and I wish that you could fulfill your dreams in the international platform also.. 
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Romit (Guest) Your smooth journey till now is wonderful... Your are such an amazing personality.. I have seen your photography....Remarkable work !! 
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Vinay Patil (Guest) Making career your passion or passion your career, I would choose the latter....One should always follow his/her passion... kudos Dubs
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