Rahul Bhojraj

Senior Creative Director, JWT

What is the biggest challenge facing the advertising industry that can be solved in the next 5 years?

I think the biggest challenge that we as an industry are facing is adapting to the new ways of business and solutions, broadly speaking. With new age medias challenging the traditional processes and thinking, traditional thinkers want to think digital and most of the digital thinkers cant get a hold of the larger picture that builds a brand. I feel this gap needs to be bridged and there is some serious scope for it in the years to come.

It is predicted that there will be an even stronger shift toward Artificial Intelligence with the advanced management of Internet bots, in order to guide and assist the user on websites and apps. The AI will gradually learn all your habits and preferences to the extent that it is able to manage the daily routine for you. Does this thought scare you or excite you?

This thought does excite me. It doesn't scare me too much as we are in the business of emotions and storytelling, So as long as someone comes up with Artificial emotions, I am excited that the reading of patterns and habits can only help us.

Let's briefly talk about Creative Cloud. Which products make it easier for you to digitize your ideas?

I think they are really exciting tools to craft ones creativity. Obvious choices are definitely PS and AI, but with UX life seems to be more in control.

Like many creative people, do you also have a wall full of inspiring stuff, such as photos and crazy or weird things?

No. I prefer to look around and observe for inspirations.

What will you do in the near future in terms of attaining skill sets and using technology so as to take the industry to new heights?

As an Artist I do want to attain Filmmaking, Editing and 3D software skills that will push the execution.

What is your creative process like? Is it strictly regimented and to the point or is there a lot of free-flowing artistic mayhem flying around?

Like every piece of art there is no set process when it comes to thinking. But I prefer to put in a process and be disciplined when it comes to team work and execution. I think having commitment, and respect for other's time is a very important aspect of professional ethic, specially in commercial form of art.

Who or what has been your greatest influence on your way of thinking and process?

I think Sketching, the simplest and basic form of artistic expression has influenced my thinking process a lot. It looks so simple, yet it gives the power to observe and express in the finest of details and gives a great understanding of the world around.

The internet has democratized the creative landscape, what are your thoughts on the manner in which the internet has affected the production of creative communication?

It has helped in a way, creativity can be exposed and appreciated from any corner of the world. But I don't believe in democratization of it. It is a specialized field with highly skilled professionals sweating day in and day out in the interest of their clients. I mean, you can't imagine democratizing professions like doctors or lawyers, it's a disaster. Unfortunately, this has welcomed a lot of mediocrity and devalued opinions that matter.

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