Suhas Panchal

Group Head Art, AutumnWinter Communications & Design

How do you think designers can improve user experiences in the nearest future? What according to you is a great design?

The better you understand your consumers, the better the experiences that you design for them. So the key really lies in having better insights into consumer behavior and patterns. The use of data in creativity is a big step towards that. A good understanding of the same and apt usage of data available. That to me is the way to create great work. One that not just inspires an awe, but also solves a problem.

Have clients these days been emphasizing on responsive design?

Yes, there has clearly been an emphasis on responsive design lately. For clients it means measurable results and an effective way for them to judge the efficacy of a campaign. And for us creative minds, it’s a great way of learning about consumer preferences, helping us create more effective communication solutions.

What is your vision on the future of design? What could be the next breakthrough?

I think the creative world is growing in leaps and bounds everyday. The possibilities today are truly limitless. And with the integration of artificial intelligence into communication, that seems like the next breakthrough. When human skills and robotic intelligence get together to create communication masterpieces.

Let's briefly talk about Creative Cloud. Which products make it easier for you to digitize your ideas?

It’s great to have a tool that helps magnify an idea and illustrate the full digital potential of the same. Creative Cloud is a great partner for doing that.

Would you say you're creatively satisfied with your 9 to 5 work?

9 to 5? For a creative, work hours are never that. And thankfully so. That’s what probably makes it so satisfying. Everyday comes with so many challenges, so many new ideas and so many mistakes, that sometimes there is no time to even stop and breathe. And when at the end of the day, or in some cases a few days, you look at the beautiful piece of work created, there’s nothing more satisfying than that.

What sparks your inspiration?

For me, anything that I see around me can spark my inspiration. It could either be some creative work or anything else. I think everything that we see all around us through the day has a story. And as a creative individual, I find it extremely thrilling to find that story and translate it into my design language.

If you had an option to wipe the board clean & once again start your career...what would you choose?

Anything in the creative field without a second thought.

New technologies are drastically changing creative work practices. What do you see as being the next industry disruptor?

Like I said for one of the earlier questions, in my opinion, the integration of artificial intelligence into communication design is the next industry disruptor. The aid of data intelligence has the power to take design to its next level.

How do you see the future of the creative industry?

Right now each specialization works within its own boundaries. I think the future of the industry lies in the amalgamation of different forms of creativity. Advertising, Design, Content, Digital, Music, Art, Movies, etc. – the future of the creative industry lies in the coming together of all of them to co-create unique creative solutions.

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