Ishan Meher

Art Director, AutumnWinter Communications & Design

What do you think is the next big thing in design?

The best thing about design is that it has no limits. As society and technology keeps evolving, new avenues in design form too. It's unpredictable to say where it's going next, but what I can say is that I see the process getting more collaborative, more people-centric, and just simpler and cleaner in terms of user friendliness.

How do you think designers can improve user experiences in the nearest future? What according to you is a 'great design'?

Each question sort of answers the other. User experience is rapidly developing today, and it's always a challenge to sometimes keep up, as well as innovate. But what it comes down to for me is simplicity in design and ease of use. Apple is perhaps one of the best examples of our time.

Have clients these days been emphasizing on responsive design?

Yes, clients have started to understand the nuances of web design, and with screens of all sizes being used around the world currently, it makes sense to develop that way.

Let's briefly talk about Creative Cloud. Which products make it easier for you to digitise your ideas? Please elaborate.

Creative Cloud offers the best softwares for designers and artists in the digital world, offering the perfect tools to visualise and create almost any kind of work you are into.
Personally, my best friends are Photoshop and Illustrator - so be it image work or illustrative, I'm covered.

Do you do much work that is exclusively mobile oriented?

While I haven't yet had the opportunity to really explore mobile based work as much as I would have liked, I see it as one of the most promising mediums just based on its popularity and usage. I won't deny getting frustrated over constant pop-ups and other mobile ads, but I also believe there's loads to improve in the area.

What sparks your inspiration?

To me, there's many kinds of inspiration for the many different facets of life. But creative inspiration, that to me, comes from the ebb and flow of every day life. I've realised that every journey, whether its for a holiday out of state, or simply the train ride to work on a Monday morning, there's loads of hidden moments and quirky sights and invisible energies that inspire me. I use these times, reflections and thoughts to inspire and develop my ideas while working in advertising. I'm also inspired by the many people in my life, including my boss Mr. Karan Rawat and my big brother, Sandeep Meher. Their approach to work and ideating in general is something I've always tried to imbibe.

Do you see any interesting emerging technologies in the market?

I found Wieden + Kennedy's The Lodge with Nike, super cool. It really showcased how experiential retail can be going forward. Even though it wasn't really accessible to the entire public, it's a sign of things to come when it comes to technology in the space. And in a world where customization has gained so much popularity, the experience has become all the more important.

Do you focus on trends in the industry? And what trends can you foresee coming in the industry?

Yes, you can't ignore or miss trends, they are right there for you to see. One such trend I'm not a big fan of within advertising, is that so many ads get made solely for awards and essentially just people within the industry. I don't know if this is foreseeable in the near future, but I'd like if this trend reversed and more ad people start making ads, for the people.

Like many creative people, do you also have a wall full of inspiring stuff, such as images and crazy or weird things?

Not so much an actual wall as much as an Instagram wall full of my visual experiments. I'm quite into photography, so a lot of my personal stuff is put out on my social media. But when it comes to my work space or just working in general, I prefer to just listen to music and work in a clean space. I also like to play different musical instruments as a way to get the creative juices flowing.

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