Joybrato Dutta

Creative Director, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi

Mobile traffic prevails over desktop traffic, appearance of WebGL, birth of VR headsets, what's next What should we expect?

An Artificial Intelligence that can be creative as well. I guess that's in the making.

Do you see any changes in the makeup of who will be using the web in the future?

Well, I think every year we see a new set of people using the web. Two years ago Scarecrow made a digital film for Wagh Bakri. A brand that targets housewives. Who, as most people would believe, don't use the web. But that campaign was a success. In the coming says we will have brands that target the rural audience and also start making web films.

Do you ever move away from advertising?

We never move away from advertising ourselves.

What would be the next step for you? You know 5 to 10 yrs, what would you like to see yourself doing creatively?

I love writing, so I'm never going to move away from that. I would love to write for different formats. Maybe go beyond 30 and 60 seconds and write a feature film or a web series, or maybe both. And also maybe write creative epitaphs, and matrimonial columns. Both places are boring and are victims to a certain format of writing. Maybe I'll change that.

What do you think is the best way to create great experiences across different devices?

Communication should be tailor-made to suit a particular device. The problem is, that a communication is made for a primary medium and then the rest are adapted. TVCs get adapted to radio spots and outdoors and print ads. I think once we start designing specific communication for everything, impact will be much greater.

How have Big Data and Analytics platforms improved or impeded your ability to make creative decisions?

It has helped us make our communication more focused. There's so much data out there that it can be extremely chaotic and it can lead to confusion. But with Big Data platforms we get the correct insights which help us build our marketing strategy.

Are brands more confident to buy brave work nowadays?

Social Media has made everyone a critic. Not just feature films even advertising faces the brunt. From parodies to memes, ads face a lot. If someone doesn't like an ad they tweet about it. And even a few tweets can bring down the reputation. Having said that, some brands still have the guts to try something bold and topical. Last year we made a film for, which reminded people of the Azaadi speech of Kanhaiya. Most brands wouldn't have bought it. However, showed courage, and released it. And it became viral. Their app downloads went up to 5X.

How do you like spending your free time?

By dreaming about having more free time.

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