It is predicted that there will be an even stronger shift toward Artificial Intelligence with the advanced management of Internet bots, in order to guide and assist the user on websites and apps. The AI will gradually learn all your habits and preferences to the extent that it is able to manage the daily routine for you. Does this thought scare you or excite you? Your views.

I think it's exciting to even have this conversation. Maybe a couple of years ago, this would have been a hypothetical question with people thinking up sci-fi plots for answers. But, things are different now. In today's context, this excites me as much as it scares me. The exciting part is in knowing that everybody now has a personal assistant which intuitively picks up on habits and behaviours, helping gain better control over things. The scary part is knowing how easy it is to lose control over the bots.

Mobile traffic prevails over desktop traffic, appearance of WebGL, birth of VR headsets, what's next? What should we expect?

Digital implants.

What is the biggest challenge facing the advertising industry that can be solved in the next 5 years?

Today, I feel like our biggest struggle is in keeping up with the way advertising is being consumed, and then adapting to these changes. But by the time we do, things have already moved on to what's next. So our goal must be to not follow, but to stay ahead.

Do you try to see a project from the client's perspective or are you always guided by your creative intuition? Are clients more demanding than they used to be?

I focus on what is right for the brand. Yes there is creative intuition, but it is always guided by whatever makes business sense. Clients have always been demanding. Now, we need to work harder and spend more time on a brand, in order to keep them satisfied. Decisions are now being made based on data and numbers, more than creative intuition. While the creative industry thrives on trusting the gut.

How do you see the future of the advertising industry?

In the future, I see advertising talent being multi-faceted. I see everybody being writer+architect, or designer+musician.

Professionally speaking, what is your greatest fear?

Not being able to listen to my instincts.

How do you keep yourself developed, educated & up to date? Do you follow trends or actually counter trends?

Reading up and talking to people of different age groups and backgrounds. I don't follow trends.

Are brands more confident to buy brave work nowadays?

No. Often, we see brands warming up to a brave idea at the first presentation, but eventually business pressure and the fear of being wrong re-routes us in safer direction.

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