Deepak Kumar

Creative Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide

With respect to new technologies, do you see any current trends that are bringing changes to the creative industry?

A lot I would say. Change is probably the only constant we can count on in life - and in advertising. It's not about using technology to disseminate an idea any longer. Big data and virtual reality are two trends that have upped the game. Advertising has become experiential thanks to VR. And with Facebook and Google's focus on virtual reality, it reaffirms that. We constantly have to find newer ways to tell engaging stories. It pushes us to think of ideas that are not just clutter breaking but adaptive too.

How do you see the influence of social media such as Facebook and Twitter on the creative industry?

It's massive. Growing as we speak. From behaviour to ideas, it's impacting everything and everyone. Facebook and Twitter have reduced the world to 140 characters and pictures. You can know what the world is doing at large and what your peers are creating. I think it's also a haven of inspiration with new media like GIFs, videos and sound tracks populating your page every day. It also pushes you to think on your toes and make sure that your idea stands out in gamut of ideas on one's feed.

How do you cope with or avoid innovation fatigue?

Benjamin Franklin said 'fatigue is the best pillow'. But unfortunately in the creative field, this is one pillow you can't afford to sleep with. Ideas can hit the pause button anytime. I try to learn from how problems are being solved in other fields like robotics, healthcare, fintech. Sometimes you can learn from best practises not necessarily from advertising but apply the same thinking here.

Does the definition of "creative" need to expand to include areas such as technology and media planning?

Absolutely. The word 'creative' is very subjective. Even a vegetable vendor sells his stock creatively. In today's day and age, 'Creative' should not be a word used just to describe a copywriter or an art director. With brands demanding constant innovation in media placement as well as delivering it to audiences using technology, creative is a word that defines a solution provider and not a certain sect.

How has technology helped you in your craft?

Immensely. It helps me learn and push my thinking every day. Helps me think better, bigger. Yes, at the core an idea is still what matters, but technology helps you reach out to people in innovative ways. It could be a product, could be a service or could be any avenue which you haven't explored. Not just this, the plethora of tools available today help you craft your ideas better.

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