Mansi Sharma

Illustrator Graphic Designer, Out Of The Box

What is your creative philosophy?

Complicated things don't work. Keep it as simple as you can.

What gives you more professional satisfaction...effective work or work that gets fame?

I believe if your work is effective then it gets you fame, as well. The conditions are not mutually exclusive; if anything, they complement each other.

How do you see the influence of social media such as Facebook and Twitter on the creative industry?

In the past few years, social media has expanded in scale and its impact is undeniable when it comes to shaping our habits and behavioral patterns. So how could the creative industry remain aloof? There was a time when you had to wait to see the best work from around the world, but with social media everything is instant. Viewers are no longer passive participants, but can easily engage with anything on social media by liking, commenting and sharing. For the creatives, it is an easy way to keep a tab on the pulse rate of the consumer. Moreover, we see a lot of stuff on our home page - whether it's a picture, random video or a short film, news or simply an informational content; simply sitting in front of a screen you get an idea of what's happening in the four corners of the world -- whether it's art, culture, cuisine, lifestyle or social causes. Many times such kind of information may become the idea for your new campaign. Social media broadens the perspective of creativity constantly, and is a great platform for promotion too.

What's the best way to overcome a creative slump?

Have a break of tea, coffee or whatever you love to relax yourself. If the usual is not working then you need change - in thinking, in setting, in looking at things. And do a bit of homework on the task.

What are some of the most exciting trends happenings in today's digital marketing space?

In this rapidly growing digital environment, every marketer is gunning for the best digital platform to market the product. Be it offline or online, everyone is adapting to new trends. For instance, cafes and restaurants today use digital devices like iPads to take orders - technology is intruding into experiences that were completely offline before. The continuously expanding and evolving digital marketing space allow marketers to get to know customer responses instantly, which is not possible with traditional mediums like the newspaper. And it doesn't end there. There's an example I'd like to share. Nike launched a digital marketing campaign, 'The Unlimited Stadium', which was a full-sized LED running track that allowed people to run against an avatar of themselves, pacers, Nike athletes, national records, as well as training programs corresponding to the eight fundamental training runs. This level of interaction with consumers places brands where they need to be: in the consumer's minds and their hearts. Technology is making it possible to explore marketing in previously unthinkable ways.

It is often said that Technology will play a major role, and creativity will be the spark that makes it even more powerful. Your views?

Creativity is self-expression, and technology helps to enhance that expression. I think both technology and creativity need each other. Their relationship is like that of a bulb and electricity. Without one, the other cannot light up a room. Today, life without technology is difficult to imagine. Heck, we can't even wake up properly before checking our social media updates first. An example that comes to my mind is VR. With creativity, the technology can be used to do so much more -- it can completely transform the way we interact with the three-dimensional world. On the other side, a whole new domain of creativity has opened up to cater to the possibilities of VR. For me, creativity and technology come together to make communication seamless and more powerful.

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