Ravinder Soni

Art Director, Out Of The Box

What led you down the art direction path?

I have always wanted to be in art direction, for it is the art director who executes the final piece of work, and every such piece has his indelible signature. It is the art director who presents the creative thought most effectively and aesthetically. And he gets to do something new every time. I am honoured and proud to be an art director.

What do you see as the upcoming trends in the creative industry? What is likely to be the next industry disruptor?

Digital media and new technologies are the new trends in the creative industry and so is social media. Today just about every campaign runs in the social and digital space as well.

Frankly, nobody can predict what the next industry disruptor would be. It could be Virtual Reality, could be Artificial Intelligence. Only time will tell.

So on days when you are unable to get the idea... what do you do to get inspired?

Well, to get an idea is neither easy nor tough. Getting ideas is all about observing life around us, one needs to keep their eyes and ears open. So if you are stuck, don't open an award annual; instead, open the window.

Was merging of online and offline experiences a key driver of change in the creative industry over the past 12 months?

It is, but the industry mirrors society's behaviour. When the online and offline activities of people converged, the industry followed suit.

What will you do in the near future in terms of attaining skill sets and using technology so as to take the industry to new heights?

Technology will always be subservient to the idea. Skill sets and technology mean nothing if they don't serve the idea. Having said that, a good creative person will acquire the technology and skill sets that he or she needs to stay abreast. It comes naturally to them.

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