ViduthalaiRaj Marudachalam

Creative Director, Mullen Lintas

What makes creative people different from others?

It's the way they approach things and come up with solutions to solve a problem. Creative people can work with limited resources and still find the best solution for the problem in hand. If I had to express in one word that what makes their personalities different from others, it's complexity.

What are some of the a) liberating and b) limiting things about working as a creative in advertising today?

Being a creative in the industry gives us more freedom to work on different platforms with different individuals. We can collaborate with different artists, tech experts, illustrators, 3D artists and many more. But with this freedom also comes certain limitations like deadlines, budgets and hierarchy.

Are Brands more confident to buy brave work nowadays?

Yes, definitely, but it's only true with clutter breaking work. Because that's the only way we can show our client's presence in the market. But this process involves time and patience. And it's our job to make clients understand the importance of 'brave work'.

With respect to new technologies, do you see any current trends that are bringing changes to the creative industry?

Yes, internet as a medium has played a vital role in our industry. Today, any information we need is just a click away; all thanks to the internet. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and mobile apps, all these platforms have become an important medium of communication.

Virtual reality has recently become the most exciting, immersive platform to interact with today's audience.

Any advice for young creatives looking to make an impression with their portfolio?

Keep it simple yet interesting. Just try to tell a story instead of teaching or preaching the audience. Good stories always help to sell ideas.

How have Big Data and analytics platforms improved or impeded your ability to make creative decisions?

Data has become all about timing and relevance. It helps us deliver the right ad to the right individual at the right time, during their consumer journey. Data is like oil. Today, countries are fighting over oil, tomorrow they might fight over the data.

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