Amish Dash Sabharwal

Senior Creative Director, JWT

What were the key drivers of change in the creative industry over the past couple of years? The industry would love to know how has technology, data and /or other drivers shaped the creative world as it is today.

The creative industry is rapidly evolving and it is exciting to be here at this time. Anyone with an idea and purity of execution can lay claim to the core values that brands used to own, because they sure as hell have the platform. Irreverence? Then how about the AIB roast. Connections? How about Snapchat, Facebook etc etc etc. We no longer lay claim to basic stuff like 'different' or 'new'. Also the thing with tech is, be it VR or a platform like Facebook, the possibilities of innovating within it are immense. The Facebook of 2015 and 2017 are poles apart. The digital generation also has a high filter for bullsh*t, they can smell what you trying to sell hidden in the guise of content from tabs away. So yeah, agencies need to be idea custodians and can choose the universe that brands exist in, but that is it, leave the functioning of the world to the ones who actually make it go round.

What do you see as the upcoming trends in the creative industry? What is likely to be the next industry disruptor?

A lot of co-creation in every sense of the word. The agency structure is filled with generalists who need to be strategic right brained people with a width of knowledge about the creative landscape and they can use that to combine the core brand promise with the creative expression to enable that brain tug (disguised as a heart tug), but the craft of it is a whole different matter. The next industry disruptor will come from the tech world (Einstein moment) but what, I leave that to the Silicon valley.

Have you recently designed a customer experience program? Could you tell us of what you've done?

Two interesting digital pieces in the making where we are trying to leverage the innate strengths of platforms like Facebook by capitalizing on the interactivity part.

We live in times wherein there has been a hybridization of both people and designations, as in one person plays more than one role in an organization. So where does creativity go from here-more multitasking teams or more specialized creatives?

The cliched term "Jack of most, master of some" (not the original cliche but that is advertising) still applies, now the only thing that has changed is what 'most' and 'some' entail. Most now also includes digital which it didn't earlier. So yeah we will be multi tasking teams co-creating with specialized creatives.

On days when you are unable to get the idea, what do you do to get inspired?

Getting an idea is the state of mind you are in. Spending quality time at home, a good read and a thrilling watch paired with some yum food gets me in that awesome state of mind. Lies. It is actually last minute panic.

How do you see the influence of social media such as Facebook and Twitter on the creative industry?

Where the consumers at?! So we need to find a way to engage them and hence the way we think changes.

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