Vinita Sharad Kokate

Senior Art Director, Ogilvy

What is your vision on the future of design? What could be the next breakthrough ?

With technology changing at rapid pace, it's difficult to predict future of design. In next 10 years we might be dealing with gadgets and technologies which doesn't exist right now.

With increasingly growing technology, it's going to be lot more scope in the field of design to experiment and create more user friendly, interactive experiences for consumers. And experience design will become increasingly important.

The next breakthrough would be an artificial intelligence with creative thinking!

What I love about design is that it evolves with technology and innovation. New “things” allow designers the opportunity to be innovative with what (and how) they create. Your thoughts on this.

Design is the process, with technologies and innovations we keep developing it. Technology and innovation allows designers to experiment, think out of the box and to find appropriate tool to enhance their design and ideas.

What is the biggest challenge facing the advertising industry that can be solved in the next 5 years

Today, it’s easier for clients to measure results of their campaign immediately thanks to the tools available to them digitally. Any campaign that’s heavily promoted does tend to yield the numbers that the clients like to see, and therein lies the risk being comfortable with one’s output. This eventually leads to mediocrity. If technologies become intelligent enough to measure emotional response to advertising, that might raise the quality of advertising across the industry.

Do you think it is possible to forecast the future of the Internet? What will happen next and what recent trends will last?

It’s amazing how internet has shaped our lifestyles, that too within my own lifetime. The stuff that qualified for science fiction in 2000 is already a reality. I feel smarter devices and wearable technology will possibly help us overcome the challenges which we face today in our day-to-day lives and change it for the better.

How close do you feel to the advertising world?

I love advertising.

How do you keep yourself developed, educated & up to date? Do you follow trends or actually counter trends? In fact, are there things like Art Direction Trends?

I think its very important to keep yourself up to date in this fast growing digital world. I keep reading articles. I think self learning(DIY) and e-learing is the key, I keep seeing videos from which I can learn new techniques to improve my knowledge. I do follow trends, it helps you to keep yourself up-to-date about with what is happening in your industry and for self growth.

Like many creative people, do you also have a wall full of inspiring stuff, such as images and crazy or weird things?

Personally, I try and remove any kid of clutter from my work space. Somehow a desk or a board full of ‘inspirations’ tend to be more of a distraction. But that’s just my opinion. I follow great artists and their work inspire me.

Do you think that together Creativity & Technology are powerful problem solvers?

Over the years, any technology innovation has always extended the boundary for a creative professional. Even as new technologies emerge at a rapid pace, making the best use of each technology always remains a creative challenge. To that end, Creativity & Technology remain inseparable.

If you were asked about promising new technologies, what would you focus on? The ongoing rise of VR technology, AI, IOT or others?

I find all these technologies very exciting, all these technologies give great visual experience to viewers. I would like to learn about all of them and use them in my work.

Let's briefly talk about Creative Cloud. Which products make it easier for you to digitize your ideas?

Creative Cloud is the best thing that has happened to designers. Various tools of CC allows us to excel and take our ideas to different levels and platforms. I use Adobe illustrator and Photoshop on daily basis.

Designer. Photographer. Filmmaker. Dreamer. No matter who you are, Creative Cloud gives you the world’s best creative apps so you can make just about anything you want, wherever inspiration takes you.