With an appropriate activation agency, you can build an appealing experiential space for your business.

Activation is an effective way of creating a relationship between the company and its prospective customers. Whether you are launching a new product or business, or promoting an existing one, an activation agency will drive maximum customers at your doorstep. Here are a few questions you need to ask before you hire an activation agency.

How many years of experience you have in the industry?

When it comes to making your business known in the industry, it is important to hire an activation agency that has sufficient experience in the field. An experienced agency who has been working in the same field for several years will undoubtedly be more knowledgeable in different aspects of the job. Over all these years, they must have handled different types of projects, through which they must have become aware of the varied ins and outs of brand activation. With their expertise and experience, they will be able to serve you better and activate your brand in a more effective manner.

Who will manage and execute my project?

While hiring an activation agency, ask them who will manage your project and execute the required work. Some activation agencies have qualified in-house teams dedicated to managing their client work, while others simply outsource their client’s project to offshore and contract workers. Some agencies use both internal strategists and freelancers to execute specific tasks. It is significant for you to feel confident about the expertise and experience of professionals responsible for your brand activation.

What plans and strategies you would be exercising to activate my brand?

While hiring an activation agency, you should spend some time with them and feel acquainted with one another. Being a client, you need to realize your agency’s expectations, how they manage your work, how they approve the work to be done, and what are their general deliverables and on-boarding deadlines. A professional and experienced agency will be able to show you a well-defined process and deliver it within the stipulated time frame. Find out how the agency will handle their client on-boarding, and how they will make sure that the team handling your project is knowledgeable, skilled and experienced to benefit your business.

How do you communicate and collaborate with your clients?

The activation agency you are hiring should be easily accessible at convenient times, so that you can communicate your expectations and requirements to them effectively. It should have an effective client communication process and a robust billing and reporting system. With this, it will waste less time in managing relationships and carrying out business operations, and spend more time in actually getting the job done.

How you will report project progress to us?

The activation agency you are hiring should provide you with a marketing analytics report every month. While activating your brand, it is important to measure statistics like social media following, paid ad impressions, web traffic, sales leads and others. Although these reports consist of so many numbers and figures, the report presented to you should be easily comprehensible and understandable by even a newbie in the industry. Even a person who is not related to brand activation should be able to understand the conclusion of the report. A sales-oriented activation agency will focus on its client reporting system, as it plays a great role in keeping the clients satisfied.

The activation agency you are hiring should have a team of professionals who are experienced, skilled, sharp, and ready to give you the expected project within deadline. Before you make your choice, ask these questions about the agency and its professionalism.