The landing page should be attractive, enticing and informative enough to convert your visitor into a potential customer.

These days, landing pages have become indispensable parts of your online marketing strategy. It is the page that a visitor reaches when he clicks your ad over the Internet. If you are into making a landing page for a website, then these tips will assure you immense profit and high conversion rate.

Be Precise

Most visitors to your website have a short attention span. They are not ready to read entire pages of information. They will quickly scan the page and will move on if they do not find what they are looking for. So, when you design your landing page, be precise and to the point. Identify the reason for which the visitor reached that page, and highlight the parts that address their interests, issues and needs. Divide your landing page into clear headings and sub-headings, and make the information clearer by including bullet points, bold and italic texts and other such tools.

Use colors wisely

No one has an age-old black and white screen these days, and you need to color your landing page wisely. The main call-to-action section should really pop out from the rest of the page. When you ask your visitors to fill a form, give a detail or provide some information, make sure that it is easily visible to the eyes. If they need to click on a ‘Submit’ button, they should not search for it. If colored in a contrasting hue, it will be instantly visible to the visitor and grab his or her attention.

Don’t create visual clutter

While including attractive, extravagant visual elements on your landing page may sound to be a nice idea, creating a lot of visual clutter can actually decrease conversion. It often distracts the visitor from the focal point. While including graphics is a good idea, it can actually increase the loading time of your landing page, and your visitors may not be patient enough to wait for that long. So, the best tip is to keep things simple and avoid distractions

Give attention to formatting

Formatting is an easy and quick design practice that makes your landing page look organized. You can format your page with minimal effort, and it will give a visual friendly experience to your visitors. Use uniform formatting for your headlines and sub-heads, and give adequate spacing in between your lines and paragraphs. Even if you are planning to upload a long copy, aesthetic formatting will make it easily comprehensible for your visitors.

Win their trust

Your visitors are more likely to turn into customers if you can win their trust from your landing page itself. With the help of real-life testimonials, case studies and user reviews, you can build trust in the industry. If someone has used your service and has said something good about your service on a social site, then include that too on your landing page. Once you gain your visitor’s trust, they are more likely to place their order on your landing page itself. Make sure that your order page is easily accessible from your landing page.

Now, use all these tips together to create an intuitive, brilliant landing page for your website. By doing this, you will actually create a landing page that can actually convert.


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