The survey shows that 80% people checkout their mobile every 5 minute.

Over the last few years, mobile phones have transformed from mere communication devices to fully operational functional tools due to the amazing features they come with now. You can make your mobile phone a fully dependable gadget by downloading some useful mobile apps on it from Google Play Store or App Store. Mobile apps hold a great importance in today’s people’s lives, as they help in keeping track of all your everyday activities, including shopping, paying bills, monitoring health, managing expenses, accessing bank account, downloading data and many more.

Improve communication

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There are numerous apps that allow you to communicate and stay in touch with your loved ones, friends and family more easily. Certain mobile apps allow you to get in touch with another person without worrying about long-distance calling expenses. You can even see the other person live in real-time through video calling facilities in most communication apps. No matter in which part of the world your loved one has gone to, you can see him live or talk to him by voice calling or video calling features of these apps. You can even share images, videos, animations, documents and screenshots to your distance friends and relatives.

Aid social networking

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If you are on a social networking site, you can access your social account using the app your social networking site must have created. For instance, if you are on Facebook, you cannot switch on your computer or laptop every time you want to see the latest feeds. You can download the Facebook app on your mobile phone, and access it any time, no matter where you are. You can even post your comments, like other people’s pictures and videos, and everything that you can on a social networking site.

Have fun and enjoy time

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In addition to communicating with others and staying connected, you can even use some mobile apps to enjoy some time and have fun alone or with friends. There are numerous apps that allow you to play games, listen to music, read ebooks, watch videos and do much more right from your mobile phone. Whether you are waiting for your flight at the airport, or you are stuck in a boring seminar, you can open your favorite app on your phone, and have some great time without disturbing others. Don’t forget to wear your headphones though.

Organize life

Mobile apps allow your mobile phone to become the central part of your life. Whether you want to pay your bill, set an alarm, buy something online, book your tickets, manage weight, access bank account online, pass time or do anything else, just open an appropriate app and get going. Notepad allows you to take note of important things, notifications alert you for upcoming tasks, files folder saves all your important documents and data on your mobile phone etc. Social networking sites and online shopping sites have also developed their mobile apps, so that their customers can access them more conveniently from their mobile phone. There are hundreds of mobile apps for every single purpose. You can browse through all the available options, and download the one that you like. Some apps are free to download, while others are nominally chargeable. By downloading the apps of your choice, you can make your life more organized and manageable.