If you are doubtful about your advertising agency, here are a few signs that show that it’s time to change:

  • If your agency is not transparent: Your advertising agency should frequently update you about the performance, budget, costs and trend of your campaign. Agencies that are not transparent about their rates and charges are more likely to lose trust of their clients. Your agency should also be easy to communicate with, and should listen to your expectations and preferences clearly. Your agency should share good as well as bad results with you at regular intervals of time, probably through weekly reports. If your agency is giving you reports only when you ask for, then probably it is not doing its job efficiently
  • If your agency is not meeting your goals: Once you have let them know your most significant business objectives, the agency should try its best to establish practical deadlines and performance results. If the agency is not able to meet your desired goals, it should change its methodologies and make its best efforts to achieve them. If your goals are unrealistic, they should suggest you making some adjustments in them. If they are still not able to bring your goals, it’s time to change.

  • If your agency screams frequency: Instead of concentrating on quality, some agencies focus more on frequency of making your ads visible. For instance, if they are sending your advertisements to your customers through email, they should not engage in sending them 20 emails every day. This will irritate your customers and convince them to block your emails. This will also tarnish your reputation and divert your leads. If your agency gives more attention to the frequency of your ads, then it’s time to leave.

  • If your agency doesn’t share its strategies with you: When you hire an advertising agency, you aim at gaining benefit from its experience and expertise. The agency that you hire should sit down with you at regular intervals of time, and discuss its strategy to advertise your business during the following months. When they do this, they give you a chance to share your feedback and views, and also ensure that you are satisfied with their service. If your agency does not feel the need to share its strategy with you, then you should start looking for an agency that does.

  • If your agency doesn’t bother about gaining your feedback: The agency that values its customers will seek their client’s feedback as well. After handling a large project, they should seek your comments. If you suggest any improvement, they will try their best to work on them. Instead of waiting for your random comment, it should be keen to inquire about your feedback. If they are not interested in your feedback, and even shy away from your comments, then you may start searching for a new agency.

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Do the experts at your advertising agency have the desire for growth, commitment and enthusiasm to help you achieve your business goals? Or do they listen to your critiques and insights reluctantly while sitting at the end of a video call? If you feel that they are disinterested in their job or your project, then probably it’s time to switch your advertising agency with another, more deserving one.