Managing an agency is complex. The scenario is constantly changing. Marketing leaders must consider how agencies are keeping pace with evolving strategies.

Managing an agency is not that easy. The scenario keeps changing, and you need to constantly come up with new and evolving strategies. If your agency is not able to fulfill your clients’ expectations, and you are maintaining any long-term relationships with them, then probably you are doing something wrong. Here are a few ways to manage your agency effectively:

Setting objectives:

It seems pretty obvious, but most agencies fail to define clear objectives before they start working on a project. Your objectives should not only define your goals, but also the target audience, and nature of products or services. Also, make sure that the objectives you set are practical and realistic. Most agency-client relationships fail due to unrealistic expectations. The client should not expect changes overnight, and the agency should also set realistic goals and let the client understand what’s feasible.

Maintaining communication

All the members of your agency should be kept in the loop about your ongoing and upcoming projects, their deadlines, their goals and objectives etc. For this, you need to have an effective communication medium within your organization. Set up weekly meetings or send daily emails to all members. Also, encourage feedback from them, and keep yourself accessible whenever they need to address an issue.

Assigning different jobs to the appropriate team members:

Not everyone is perfect, and each person has something better than the others. So, identify the personal strengths of each of your team members, and assign the jobs accordingly. For instance, if a person is good at marketing and another person is good at writing, then you should assign different jobs to them in view of their skills. If you assign a job to the wrong person, he may end up screwing it altogether, thus tarnishing your reputation as a whole.

Educating your agency:

Without a doubt, an educated agency is the best agency. Educating all members of your team will help in establishing solid communication and setting realistic expectations. It will also be effective in getting all the members involved in your projects, so that they can work together to achieve your project goals. It is important to educate your team about the market, and the latest trends. With massive advancements in technology, you need to educate your members with the latest tools and techniques as well.

Trusting your agency members:

Once you assign certain jobs to your agency members, trust them in their job and give them freedom to use their own strategies and techniques. Once a team member finishes a job successfully, he will gain confidence and will try harder to handle jobs more efficiently in future. If you keep commenting on their work and stay rigid on your processes, the agency members may not feel free to use their creativity, and they will end up delivering a normal, acceptable job. There will be nothing extraordinary in it. But if you trust them and give them freedom, the outcomes may be much better than you would have thought.

Building positive relationships with agency members:

Maintain good relationship with your agency members, and grab a chance to know them on a personal level. Whenever they do a good job, acknowledge them and even reward them. Encourage creativity and set realistic goals for them. Be a good decision maker, and choose all the right things for your agency and its members. If there are conflicts in your agency, don’t ignore them, but try to resolve them immediately.

Once you have managed your agency efficiently, you need to set the right pricing for your services as well. All businesses have a limited budget, and they will not hire you if you charge unreasonably, despite excellent service.