If you demonstrate innovation in your activation, consumers start believing that you are an expert in your industry. Innovation is a necessity, and it can be extremely effective in meshing with your brand’s overall direction and tone. Your brand activation with innovation will express your unique brand and communicate your understanding to the whole industry.

The process with which you make your brand popular among your customers is termed as brand activation. Promotional gifts, product samplings, sponsorships and other such retail marketing techniques are common methods of making your brand known. But this is something that every business does. You need to do something out of the box. This is where innovation is activation comes in. Benefits of Applying Innovation in Activation Here are a few advantages of applying innovation in your brand activation program:

  • Innovation can bring life into your aging brand, and make it interesting for young minds as well
  • It can reinforce your brand’s reputation in your customers’ minds
  • It helps in cutting through the traditional form of advertising, such as print ads, online ads, TV commercials etc.
  • It brings more prominence to your brand
  • If your innovative brand activation project involves your customers too, you get a chance to directly interact with them and welcome their feedback to improve

Things to Consider while Creating Innovative Brand Activation

Here are a few things to consider while creating an innovative brand activation program for your business:

  • First of all, decide what you expect from your customers. Articulate your business goals and ensure that they are feasible. The campaign that you launch should not just raise awareness and dictate your goals, but should also make your customers interested and inspired
  • Create a feedback system from your customers as well. How would you come to know whether your brand activation is being successful or not? 
  • Your brand activation plan should not be a campaign to show off your business only. Include something with which your customers can feel involved
  • Consider how your brand activation will showcase the key features of your brand. For instance, if you are hosting an event, think something different from a photo booth. Visualize something that can give a lasting impression among your audience, and influence your customers to try your business. Innovation in activation involves thinking different and leveraging cross-channel techniques
  • Identify the ways with which you can use your brand activation to promote your business. Involve tactics that encourage participation and interest among your customers. For example, if you are hosting an event, involve activities that create an impact about your business and give a clearer idea of who you are. By doing this, you will not only create a meaningful connection with your audience, but also make a brand promise

To apply innovation in your brand activation, you must give your customers something fresh to talk about. Even if it is not a game-changing innovative idea, it should at least generate a buzz. Innovation in activation helps in mobilizing your brand before your competitors. It helps in positioning your brand in the minds of your customers, and even maintaining that position. With such huge competition in the market, it is important to take the lead and be different. Branding with innovation is the only thing that can differentiate you from your competitors.