Explainer videos have proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for any kind of business.

Whiteboard animation and explainer videos are short videos that companies frequently use to introduce themselves, and explain their business, products and services to attract and entice the viewers. These videos are found to be extremely effective in convincing your viewers and turn them into sales leads. Let’s explain how.

Engage the audience

According to a recent report, anyone is more likely to purchase your product if he or she sees your explainer video. These videos are helpful in keeping a record of how many viewers have actually converted into customers, as you can calculate the leads with the number of views your video has received. Explainer videos are great ways to engage with your customers and gain their trust. These videos give a feeling that you have made sincere efforts to reach out to your customers and explain your business to them.

Clarify your objectives

Posting text content on your website can be tricky, as people may interpret different meaning from what they are reading. But when you post an explainer video,it takes out the guess work and explains only the useful function of your products or services. People are able to get a better understanding of your business. Your viewers are able to establish a better connection you, and understand what you can do for them, and why they must select you over your competitors.

Create interest

A whiteboard animation and explainer video can be a powerful medium of spreading your word all over the Internet. Watching a video is more interesting and engaging than reading content on a web page. No one is going to read a 500 words text box on your home page, but most people won’t mind watching a 2-3 minutes video.

Improve Rank

Frankly speaking, a stale website without any explainer video is not going to do well on search engines. A website that contains several pages of plain text and images will gain less exposure and end up ranking low on search engines. This will also scare away any visitors who are looking for a quick understanding of your business. Most people take less than two minutes to make their purchasing decision. Explainer videos can grab their attention immediately, and turn them into leads.

Retain Information

On an average, a person remembers only 10% of what he hears, but 50% of what he sees. Knowing this fact, it is clearly understood how an explainer video can help your viewers retain information about your business, and come back to you whenever they need you. This also leads to word-of-mouth advertising of your business, and attract more and more customers. If a customer likes your business and product, he is more likely to share your explainer video and comment on it. In this way, you receive more traffic to your website, and end up converting more leads than before.

Liven Up Your Promotion

A paper ad or plain text is undoubtedly boring and monotonous. An explainer video can be extremely helpful in livening up your promotion. Pamphlets, text, images and slide shows are not that effective in engaging your audience and keeping them enticed. On the other hand, a well-designed explainer video will capture your audience’s attention immediately and make your promotion more interesting and fruitful.

So, now that you understand how whiteboard animations and explainer videos can help in converting leads, have you tried it yet? If you haven’t, you are left with no excuse after understanding these effects and benefits of posting explainer videos on your site. You should immediately start working on making an explainer video and posting it on your website.