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Questions to ask your next activation agency

With an appropriate activation agency, you can build an appealing experiential space for your business.

Why marketing videos are a must have

According to a study, customers are 60% more likely to use your product or service if you have an effective video presentation.

Tips to design the perfect landing page

The landing page should be attractive, enticing and informative enough to convert your visitor into a potential customer.

The mobile apps and their importance

The survey shows that 80% people checkout their mobile every 5 minute.

Why is research the most important aspect for an entrepreneur

With business research, an entrepreneur can educate and train his managers and employees in different fields.

How to use adwords the best way

Adwords claims that about 80% of internet users alone and uncountable browsers abroad can be reached through its advertising on th...

How social media can help you turn the tides

Social media optimization gives an opportunity to reach your customers through different social media channels. These platforms he...

When to hire a design agency

Building an efficient website is not everyone’s cup of tea, as it needs seamless integration of design and concept. If you are c...

How to find the right digital marketing agency

The decision to select the right digital marketing agency is not that easy, as a wrong agency can lead to devastating consequences.

When to change your advertising agency

If you are doubtful about your advertising agency, here are a few signs that show that it’s time to change:

Ways to manage your agency effectively

Managing an agency is complex. The scenario is constantly changing. Marketing leaders must consider how agencies are keeping pace ...

Innovation in activation: a necessity in today’s age

If you demonstrate innovation in your activation, consumers start believing that you are an expert in your industry. Innovation is...

How digital marketing helps to increase your sales

Latest digital marketing techniques give you best chances to survive in the competition and even grow your business.

How to choose an advertising agency

Here are a few things that you should look in an advertising agency before hiring one.

How whiteboard and explainer videos can help you convert leads

Explainer videos have proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for any kind of business.

A 21-year-old mumbaikar pays tribute to bold female movie charaters in the most creative way

Shivani Gorle, a 21-year-old advertising graduate from a KC college of Mumbai found a creative way of appreciating the bold and st...

If games of thrones characters worked at an ad agency

Mumbai-based advertising agency Chimp&z Inc recently conceptualized a series called ‘Game of Agencies’, which envisions Game o...

10 easy ways to lose a pitch

Pitch wins are all alike - great strategy and/ or creative work, along with the right chemistry with the client - but each pitch i...

10 slides to pitch it right!

Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki's infographic shows how to say it all - in 10 slides, 20 minutes and 30 point font. All so that you ca...